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Clinimycin® (clindamycin)

Clinimycin® (clindamycin) comes in two dosage forms (capsules and gel):

  1. Clinimycin® (clindamycin) 150mg, 16 capsules

  1. Clinimycin® (Clindamycin) 300mg, 16 capsules

Clinimycin® (clindamycin) is a lincosamide antibiotic that can treat anaerobic bacterial infections, including skin infections, joint and bone infections (such as osteomyelitis), vaginal infections, infections in the abdomen, and especially to treat tooth infections. It can be a good alternative when a patient is allergic to penicillin or penicillin-related antibiotics.


In its topical form it can treat acne vulgaris. Please check out the related product page for  Clinimycin T® (clindamycin) gel.