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Quality and Compliance


Quality is a strategic goal that we at Hayat pursue relentlessly above all other considerations. We maintain the quality of our products through compliance with cGMP guidelines throughout the supply chain, and through a commitment to the continuous training of personnel, in order to both ingrain quality awareness in the company culture as well as to upgrade their professional capabilities.

Quality is the main consideration through which we look at plant design, equipment and machinery selection, production, and commercialization. But we are also keenly aware of the often overlooked interconnection between quality and maintenance, and have adopted an approach that seeks to simultaneously optimize process control and maintenance as two sides of the same coin. These organizational-level learnings will be brought to bear over our planned plant expansion, which will greatly increase our manufacturing capacity, allowing us to cater for large orders and meet delivery deadlines, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction.

Our plant is cGMP approved by the health authorities of several MENA countries including the GCC (gulf cooperation council) countries. This certificate is a testimony to the high levels of technical competence and the up-to-date Quality Assurance systems which the company employs.


HAYAT adheres to a wide range international quality standards and regulatory requirements (ICH, GMP, GLP, GDP, etc). Compliance to cGMPs guidelines assures proper design, monitoring, and adequate control of facilities and manufacturing operations and assures the identity, strength, quality, and purity of drug products.

While compliance with cGMP regulations guides the design of our systems, facilities, and processes, we realize that more recent developments regarding manufacturing quality in the pharmaceutical industry attempt to navigate the relationship a between cGMP and quality control, on the one hand, and quality management and the use of risk management tools on the other. This guides our thinking about quality at Hayat as we explore how the two fit together and compliment each other, and has shaped the risk-based approach that we take to compliance and quality.