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Message from the Managing Director

Navigating the intricate landscape of Jordan’s generic pharmaceutical industry is a testament to our resilience in the face of multifaceted challenges. As industries worldwide grapple with the disruptions of international supply chains and the escalating prices of raw materials, our sector is not immune, and our challenges are compounded with the mounting costs of compliance, the pricing pressures exerted by regulators and the intensified competition. These challenges have reverberated locally and regionally, prompting us to fortify our strategies further.

In the midst of these trials, Jordan’s relatively compact market amplifies the pressure. A smaller domestic arena coupled with the absence of economies of scale and an open market for imports from all over, underscores the need for strategic innovation. At Hayat, our approach has been focused: fostering robust domestic brands that transcend boundaries and resonate in the regional markets. Essential to this approach is the careful selection of products, a factor that distinctly positions Hayat amidst a sea of competitors.

In a landscape where competition converges on the same products, we’ve successfully pioneered offerings that redefine norms – often as pioneers of the first-to-market or pioneering generic products. These calculated endeavors not only distinguish the Hayat brand but also yield a positive impact on our financial growth.

Hayat’s journey is one marked by unwavering sales and profit growth. Our strides forward naturally involve the completion of an ambitious project – the comprehensive modernization of our infrastructure, the upgrade of facilities, and the enhancement of machinery. This project, now a realized reality, has been executed with unwavering attention to regulatory benchmarks. By infusing state-of-the-art technologies, we’ve bolstered production capacity, streamlined efficiency, and effectively managed costs, all of which was the culmination of the collective effort of a remarkable team of individuals. Their dedication, expertise, and unrelenting commitment have been the driving force behind our accomplishments.

At the heart of Hayat’s operations lies an unyielding commitment to ethical practices. We are steadfast in our dedication to societal well-being, environmental sustainability, and the safety of our valued employees.

Maher M. Kurdi,
Managing Director