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Chairman’s Word

The generic pharmaceutical industry in Jordan is faced with many challenges: be it the continuously evolving regulatory requirements, the increased cost of compliance, price pressures by governments, and increased competition.

Jordan, being a small country, adds to these pressures because of a small domestic market and the lack of economies of scale. Hayat’s focus has therefore been on establishing strong brands domestically and taking them to export markets, while focusing on product selection to help differentiate Hayat in the marketplace.

In a market where all players tend to eye the same products, we have been able to come up with products that were either first to market or the first generic, enabling us to establish several market leading brands. This not only helped differentiate Hayat, but also contributed positively to the bottom line.

Hayat sales and profits have been growing continually, and naturally expanding and upgrading of existing buildings and machinery becomes a necessity to sustain growth. All upgrades take into account regulatory compliance and utilization of the latest available technologies to increase production capacity, efficiency and control costs.

Hayat conducts its business within an ethical framework and we are committed to the welfare of the society, environment and the safety of our employees.

Maher M. Kurdi,