Building and Facilitieshp-building

The HPI building stands on a 11,833 square meter plot of land with 8,150 square meters of construction.

The area distribution of the plant is as follows:

Production and laboratories 2130 square meter
Raw material warehouse 1500 square meter
Finished product warehouse 2400 square meter
Administration and services 2120 square meter

The layout ensures strict GMP adherence by providing smooth flow of both materials and personnel for optimum containment.

Facilities by unit

facilities-image1HPI has a number of specialized production lines with state of the art machinery. The production areas are divided into separate units:

Solids production area

An all inclusive solid dosage form line which includes tablets, capsules, and powder for suspension with the following capacities calculated on a single shift:

Tablets 60 million
capsules 30 million
Dry suspension 250,000
Suppositories 5 million
Syrups and solutions 2.5 million
Creams and ointments 3 million

The area is capable of producing 50,000,000 tablets annually ranging from immediate release, enteric coated, sustained release, film coated. This area is also capable of producing powders for hard shell capsule filling, as well as pellet filling and dry suspension filling.

Semi-solid and liquid production area


A comprehensive, fully separated semi-solid and liquid area including four production lines:

  1. Creams, ointments, gels and emulsions line
  2. Suppositories line
  3. Solutions and syrups line
  4. Shampoo line