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Helix® (ivy leaf dried extract)

Helix® (ivy leaf dried extract) comes in a single dosage form:

Helix® (ivy leaf dried extract), 1% 125ml Cherry Flavor Syrup

Helix® (ivy leaf dried extract) is a natural OTC (over the counter) herbal product botanically known as Hedera helix, with a scientifically proven efficacy as a cough medicine. It is an expectorant that can loosen mucus making it more amenable to discharge through coughing, and in the treatment of  bronchial asthma and increasing the volume of oxygen in the lungs. It has a range of different medicinal uses not listed here.


Helix® (ivy leaf dried extract) can be safely taken three times daily until symptoms subside or up to three weeks, although the dosage depends on factors such as the indication it is being used for and the age and health of the patient. Consult the leaflet for more dosage information.