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Locagel® (diclofenac DEA)

Locagel® (diclofenac DEA) comes in a single dosage form:

Locagel® (diclofenac DEA)

Locagel® (diclofenac DEA) Gel 1.16%, 30g Tube

Locagel® (diclofenac DEA) gel is a topical Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used to relieve the inflammation, swelling and pain associated with arthritis or injury in the joints. It can also provide relief in cases of muscle injury, and may be used for other purposes not listed here.


Locagel® (diclofenac DEA) gel is creamy whilte, non-greasy, and does not leave any stains. Do not wash or take a shower within 1 hour of application, or cover with a bandage. Do not apply to broken or infection skin.