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#ProductActive IngredientDescription
1AcnelinTretinoin0.05% 30g cream
2Clinimycin TClindamycin Phosphate10mg/1g 45g gel; 10mg/1ml 50ml solution
3EcladermHydroquinone2% 30g cream; 4% 30g cream
4DiflazolFluconazole50mg, 7 caps; 150mg, 1 cap
5CapizolKetoconazole2%, 100ml shampoo
6ExparPermethrin1%, 100ml shampoo
7CalaprylPramoxine (HCl) & Zinc acetate1% & 0.1% 20ml solution
8ClotrexClotrimazole10mg/1g 30g creamopaste; 10mg/1ml 20ml otic solution
9FusoneFusidic acid & Betamethasone valerate2% & 0.1% 15g gel
10SalicortDexamethasone acetate & Salicylic acid0.12% & 3% 30g ointment
11TopicureZinc oxide10% 50g ointment
12EcorexEconazole Nitrate50mg, 15 vaginal ovules; 150mg, 3 vaginal ovules; 1% 78g vaginal cream
13EcorexEconazole Nitrate1%, 30g cream
14Ecorex PlusEconazole Nitrate & Triamcinolone Acetonide1% & 0.1% 15g cream; 1% & 0.1% 30g cream
15TopicortHydrocortisone Acetate1%, 30g cream

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