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Pillars of Success

At Hayat, we believe that success is not measured solely through the bottom line, but rather by keeping focused on the following five aspects of our company culture that make it what it is:

1. Quality

At Hayat, quality is built in, inside of the processes and standards that govern everything that we do; all of the inputs that go into our products and all of the outputs. Our aim is to make quality invisible, a concept that our customers and constituents don’t have to think or talk about about because it is baked in and assumed.

2. Ethics

As manufacturers of branded generics, we believe that the future lies in establishing long-term respectful and transparent relationships with both physicians and patients. We believe that this is achieved by pursuing what is (in a word) ‘boring’ promotion based on reliability and consistency, rather than short-sighted practices that might border on the unethical. In a market where so many players want to be the fast and flashy hare, we would rather be the reliable yet determined tortoise.

3. Accountability

Our aim is to provide reliable products and services that deliver exactly what they promise and that customers can trust. If we ever fall short, it will be an opportunity to improve and to do better in the future, a learning opportunity to be handled transparently and honestly. This, of course, is above and beyond adherence to technical and quality standards, but rather is a value we seek to embed within our company culture.

4. Customer Focus

Our relationship with our customers is not transactional, but a long-term conversation defined in a much larger context than market or commercial considerations. The questions that we ask are: what kind of products does the market want or need?, and how can we best provide them?

Many generics pharmaceutical manufacturers presume that the answer to these questions centers around being the first generic to market; however, we believe there’s more to product selection than this, and that every aspect of the product (the name, the packaging design, the dosage forms, the pricing, the look-and-feel, and even the belief in a product) … are all potential services to customers. Getting these right, however imperfectly, has been the secret to our success.